Friday, June 27, 2014

Kuroko No Basuke


kuroko no basuke wallpaper

             Kuroko No Basuke is a Japanese manga about basketball illustrated by Tadatoshi Fujumaki. The manga launched in December 2008 and tells the story of a school that has a miracle generation players and has a dream to play at the national level. No. manga Kuroko Basuke then adapted into an anime by Production IG in April 2012.

kuroko screen capture            Teikou junior basketball club has the tough and talented player who has defeated many schools and won a lot of matches. The core players are called "Generation of Miracles". After they all graduated from the school, each of them went to a different high school each other with a proven record in the previous basketball club. but there is another player who is also the "Generation of Miracles", The Sixth Shadow (The Phantom Sixth Player) is Tetsuya Kuroko.
            The sixth player is now heading Seirin High School as a freshman. In high school Seirin Kuroko interested in Taiga Kagami a tough player as light. Kuroko believe Kagami capabilities that can be rival the "Generation of Miracles" and bring Seirin being the best in Japan.

kuroko no basuke  screen capture

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