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キュート (Q10)

キュート (Q10)

Genre : Romantic, Friendship, School Drama


  • Episodes: 9
  • Country: Japan 
  • Broadcast period: 2010-10-16 to 2010-12
  • Theme song: Honto no Kimochi by Takahashi Yu 
  • Cast : Sato Takeru as Fukai Heita & Maeda Atsuko ( AKB48 ) as Q10/Kyuuto 


          Heita Fukai (Takeru Sato) is an ordinary, but timid, high school student who has no interest in love. This all changes when a new transferee student (Atsuko Maeda) arrives at his school. Heita discovers that the girl is actually a robot named Q10. The duo starts to cause trouble in school, while Heita starts to fall in love with the robot. This is how their story begins ...
One day Heita Fukai finds a girl sleeping in the science lab. When Heita touches her, she suddenly wakes up and opens her eyes. The girl was actually brought to the lab by the school's principal Jiro Kishimoto (Takehiko Ono). The previous night, principal Jiro Kishimoto, after a night of drinking alcohol, discovered the girl in the garbage. The drunk principal takes her to his home.
The next morning the principal notices that the girl doesn't breathe at all and he asks for help from Heita's homeroom teacher Tatsune Ogawa (Yuji Tanaka). Tatsune Ogawa recommends that they should hide the girl in the science lab. When they get there, they find Doctor of Engineering Kuriko Yanagi (Hiroko Yakushimaru) in the lab. Kuriko notices that the girl is actually a robot with human looks. A secret does exist within her.
The principal is afraid of a scandal and proposes a solution. They should keep this a secret and under the situation, Heita becomes the caretaker for the robot; not realizing that he has totally fallen in love with her... 

* Sato Takeru as Fukai Heita
* Maeda Atsuko as Q10
* Renbutsu Misako
* Kaku Kento
* Emoto Tokio
* Hosoda Yoshihiko
* Fukuda Mayuko
* Mitsuishi Ken
* Nishida Naomi
* Matsuoka Rinako
* Ikematsu Sosuke
* Shiraishi Kayoko
* Tanaka Yuji as Ogawa Hou
* Ono Takehiko
* Yakushimaru Hiroko as Yanagi Kuriko
* Matsushima Shota 

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