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Sunday, March 1, 2015

ROCKIN' OUT (2015)


Genre: J-rock


 Japanese alt-rock quartet SPYAIR have released "Rockin' Out", a pumping new track with a space-age video full of light like in Tron Legancy Movie Style.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hatsune Miku Makes Her American Debut on David Letterman

Hatsune Miku Performance 

On David Letterman

                      Remember that futuristic stage performance Abel told us about on yesterday’s Music Dispatch? Well, a wild Hatsune Miku did indeed appear to make her American performance debut on The Late Show With David Lettermanlast night. Viewers got to rock out to her recent single “Sharing the World,” which seems apt for the virtual Japanese pop star who often steps out of virtual reality to share the IRL-verse with us meat sacks. You can take a look at the image-projected performance in all of its glory right here:

                     Letterman’s response after the round of applause garnered by Hatsune Miku’s performance: “It’s like being on Willie Nelson’s bus.” Many who’ve never seen Hatsune Miku in action will surely share this sentiment, and I can’t say they’d be wrong for feeling that way either. The song choice and the hardly distinguishable English-dubbed lyrics aren’t as catchy as what we’re use to from the Vocaloid princess, so this is probably not the best first impression Hatsune Miku could have made on American television. The good news is, however, that we’ve still got the Miku Expo coming up for people who might not have enjoyed or understood last night’s showcase.

BIGHEAD feat.Hatsune Miku - 
Sharing The World (Single) [MP3/320K]


1 Sharing The World
2 Sharing The World (Instrumental)


Saturday, July 12, 2014

W.I.N: Who Is Next?



W.I.N: Who Is Next:
              Survival program that determines the formation of a new first boy group BIGBANG YG of creating 8 years. It was broadcast simultaneously on Mnet and tvN.

                 "WIN Survival" has 2 teams: A team consisting of 5 members. Among them is Kim Jin Woo, Song Min Ho, Nam Tae Hyun, Kang Seung Yoon and Seung Hoon Lee; have an average age of 20 years. Team B consisted of 6 members, with an average age of 17 years. Among them are: Kim Han Bin, Kim Ji Won, June Hoe Koo, Jin Hwan Kim, Hyeong Kim Song Yun and Dong Hyuk.                   The team won the opportunity to make his debut soon after the end of the WINNER TV programs, shows preparations for the day to debut under the name WINNER. The losing team will not be able to make his debut for an indefinite period; they return to training and by employees. The winner turned out to Team A.
team a
Kim Jin Hwan [Vocalist and dancer]
Song Yun Hyeong [Vocalist and dancer]
Bobby [rapper and dancer]
B.i [Leader, rapper, vocalist and dancer]  
Kim Dong Hyuk [Vocalist and dancer]
Hoe Koo June [Maknae, vocalist and dancer]   

team b
 Kim Jin Hwan [Vocalist and dancer] 
Song Yun Hyeong [Vocalist and dancer] 
Bobby [rapper and dancer] 
BI [Leader, rapper, vocalist and dancer] 
Kim Dong Hyuk [Vocalist and dancer] 
Hoe Koo June [Maknae, vocalist and dancer]

TEAM A 1st Battle Round 2 Performance
TEAM B 1st Battle Round 2 Performance


Watch Or Download Full W.I.N: Who Is Next?
Indonesian Subtitle:
 English Subtitle:


Friday, July 4, 2014


Company: YAMAHA

              Anon & Kanon (杏音鳥音) are Japanese VOCALOIDs developed and distributed by Bplats, Inc., under the YAMAHA Corporation, and were released in March 2014 for the VOCALOID3 engine. Their voice providers have never been revealed. They are available for both Windows and Mac. A downloadable software version was released on March 3, while a packaged version was released later in the same month.
anon kanon
'A spontaneous, slightly airheaded girl with a short haircut. Since she's a bit scatterbrained, she's the type to not listen well when other people are talking. You could say she’s only really focused when she's dancing. Her favorite person is kanon.' She is the younger of the pair.
  • Age: 18th
  • Height :160cm
  • Weight: 46kg
  • Special skill: Dancing
  • Favourite food: Bread
  • Subject she excels in: 'I don't have one, but if I had to say one, I guess History.

 anon kanonKanon
'She has extraordinary reflexes. She's a class representative type, a very capable person. She's a very focused and level headed girl. Right now the thing she's worried about the most is anon's future.' She is the older of the pair.
  • Age: 18th
  • Height :158cm
  • Weight: 43kg
  • Special skill: Dancing
  • Favourite food: Bread
  • Subject she excels in: PE and mathematics
Watch 1st Demo 「Heart Chrome feat. 杏音鳥音」Music Video


Monday, June 30, 2014


Special Album Of: TOPP DOGG
Genres: K-pop, pop, hip hop, R&B

Topp Dogg (Korean: 탑독) is a 13-member hip-hop boy group from South Korea created by Cho PD under the label Stardom. In January 16, 2014, Topp Dogg made a comeback earlier in the year with second mini album titled "Arario" with the lead single "(들어와) Open the Door" 
             Topp Dogg 2nd Special Album Arario:
22page of Booklet
folded poster
Top Class Game Card 26 pc
Random Photo Card.
This album is very cool!~ Cartoon Topp Dogg is Awesome!!~
01. 아라리오 (Arario)
02. Keep Smiling
03. 들어와 (Open The Door)
04. 알어
05. 종말론자
06. 아라리오 (Remix)
07. 알어 Japanese Ver. (DARO)
08. 아라리오 inst. (Arario Inst.)


if you want to get the album and the album art, you should buy the original direct.

Which makes this album special is because this album using photos in the form of Manhwa artist.


Topp Dogg - Open The Door MV
Topp Dogg - Ararior MV